Introducing Readerly

Readerly is an app that hones your critical reading skills with an innovative learning method called interactive close reading.


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Here’s how it works.

Think of Readerly as a cross between an Oxford-style tutorial and a Choose Your Own Adventure game.

First, you choose a Readerly Topic, for example, Who killed Junior Seau? or Cyborg Vampires Attack! or Food, Glorious Food.


Once you’ve picked a topic, you read a series of short reading passages that become increasingly difficult.


You answer questions about each passage that test basic comprehension then build to more challenging ones.


By answering questions correctly, you earn points.

Earn enough points and you advance levels—from Rookie to Reader to Scholar, and eventually, to Sage.

Like a good tutor, Readerly adapts the questions it presents you based on your responses, guiding you to a deeper understanding of the reading passage and the topic as a whole.


By playing Readerly on a smartphone or tablet PC for short bursts every day for a few months, you’ll:

  • get more out of your reading
  • explore interesting, new topics in depth
  • build your intellectual confidence
  • improve your scores on standardized exams like the SAT, ACT, and GRE.

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