Don’t #8: If interviewed by a student, don’t be overly familiar

This article is part of a series, 10 Tips for Acing Your College Interviews.

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Being overly familiar is especially a risk if you happen to interview with a student. Students interviewers are usually seniors who work for the admission office. They’re well trained. But they’re students nonetheless, not professionals.

Faced with a student, you might find yourself relieved, excited even, to be talking to someone closer to your age, someone to whom you feel you have a much better chance of relating.

As I say elsewhere, you want the college interview to feel like a chat. But it’s still a formal event. You’re being evaluated, even by this student sitting across from you. By all means, use your increased feeling of comfort to really connect with this person—who’s almost a peer, but not quite. You still need show a proper level of restraint.

As much as might be tempted, don’t ask this person which frats throw the best keg parties. Or which professors are the easiest graders. Or whether the RAs in the freshman dorm care if you smoke pot.

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