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Introducing Foyl, Your College Interview Practice Buddy

Hi. Foyl here.

Are you a junior or senior in high school and feeling the pressure to get into a good college?

If so, I invite you to try a new app.

A lot is riding on getting your college admission applications just right. The competition is stiff.

Colleges are becoming ever more selective. For example, at Dr. Sean’s alma mater, Columbia University, in 1988, the acceptance rate was 65%. Last year, it was 6.9%. The trend holds across the board at selective colleges.

Acceptance Rates at Selective Colleges

School 2005 2012 2013 2014
Stanford University 13.0% 6.6% 5.7% 5.1%
Harvard University 11.0% 5.9% 5.8% 5.9%
Columbia University 12.0% 7.4% 6.9% 6.9%
MIT 16.0% 9.0% 8.2% 7.7%
Duke University 23.0% 11.9% 11.6% 10.7%
Pomona College 19.0% 12.8% 12.9% 12.1%
Vanderbilt University 40.0% 14.1% 12.7% 12.5%
Amherst College 18.0% 11.9% 13.7% 13.0%
University of Michigan 63.0% 36.6% 33.0% 32.0%

Clearly, you need an edge these days to get into your first-choice college.

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Just be yourself?

You’ve probably heard the following advice: if there’s an option to do an admission interview and it’s within a day’s driving distance, you should.

Why? Here are 3 reasons:

  • It’s one more important piece of information to help the admission officers understand who you are as a student—and as a person.
  • It’ll show you’re genuinely interested in the school.
  • It’s a great opportunity to develop your interviewing skills in a situation where something important is at stake. These are valuable skills you’ll rely on the rest of your life.

But you may be worried. The college admission interview may be the first important interview of your adult life.

To make matters worse, you may have also heard the advice that during the interview you should “just be yourself.”

Unfortunately, that advice can be misleading.

The fact is that the college interview is a performance—with expectations, rules, and a certain role for you to play.

The good news is that like any performance, you can get better at your role through preparation and practice.

Foyl is a tool to help you do just that—so that you’ll walk with confidence into your college interview and truly stand out.

Ace your college interviews with my help.

Foyl has 2 main features: Prepare and Practice.iPhone-5s-main-screenUse Foyl to learn what to do and say during the interview—and then get good at it through practice.

iPhone-5s-item-screenTap PREPARE to read up on key Do’s & Don’ts of the college interview, Sample Questions, and Horror Stories.

The 10 Do’s & 13 Don’ts offer tried-and-true interviewing advice from college admission experts.

44 Sample Questions are organized by topics. They’re the ones you’re most likely to get during the interview, and come with strategies for answering them effectively.iPhone-5s-list-screen

9 Horror Stories share the gory details of interviews that went poorly and how to avoid similar mistakes.


With the PRACTICE feature, in the comfort of a private place, you can answer randomly presented interview questions or do a mini-interview.

Foyl records your performance. You can then review your saved answers, fine-tune them, and practice them again.


You’ll also get 16 Pep Talks that address how you may be feeling in the build up to the interview.

Bring Foyl along with you to the interview. Listen to inspiring and calming words just before the curtain goes up on your big performance.


There’s also a list of 8 useful college admission resources, as well as offers for more free stuff to help you get into your first-choice college.

With Foyl, get the edge you need to ace your college interviews.

And did I mention that it’s free?

Download Foyl now on the Apple App Store.

That’s “Foyl” with a “y.”

Download Foyl, Your College Interview Practice Buddy, on the Apple App Store.