Readerly Topic #1: Who killed Junior Seau?

FILE--San Diego Chargers former player Junior Seau during his induction into the San Diego Chargers Hall of Fame in a ceremony held at half time of an NFL football game against the Denver Broncos Sunday, Nov. 27, 2011 in San Diego. (AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

Here’s the premise of the very first Readerly Topic:

You’re a private investigator hired by a corporation that owns an international chain of popular sports restaurants. The corporation recently partnered with Junior Seau to open a number of new locations of the restaurant. As a former NFL superstar, not only was Seau going to serve as the celebrity spokesperson for the chain, he had put up a substantial sum of his own money to help fund this aggressive expansion venture.

You’ve been tasked with finding out who killed Junior Seau. Your mission is to finger a plausible culprit and build a case against the guilty party. The corporation wants to sue the wrongdoer in order to recover the proceeds lost in its investment partnership with Seau. The chief executive officer has authorized to pay you triple your usual fee. The company wants you to answer as quickly as possible the following question: Who can we hold liable for our losses?

The reading passages that follow are evidence. Discuss all the passages presented with your partner, the Readerly tutor, in order to develop a deeper understanding of the circumstances surrounding Seau’s death. Your goal is to build an airtight case against who you think is the most likely perpetrator.

The topic will include 22 reading passages and around 500 questions.

Passages will include excerpts from the works of the following authors:

  • Aristotle
  • Cicero
  • Augustine
  • Albert Camus
  • the National Institutes of Health
  • the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • Seneca
  • Karl Marx
  • Henry Jenkins
  • Leon Festinger
  • Jesse Prinz
  • Guy Debord
  • Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Nate Jackson
  • Johan Galtung
  • Michel Serres
  • JR Moehringer
  • Sydney Seau

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