Top For-Profit Colleges Now Able to Offer High Quality Liberal Arts Education


PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 6, 2015 — Readerly, an edtech company based in Portland, Oregon, announces the launch of their latest product, @MyWesternCanon. @MyWesternCanon is a revolutionary online platform that empowers for-profit universities to offer their students a high quality, yet affordable, liberal arts education, simultaneously while they pursue vocational training.

Today’s elite universities, institutions like Harvard, Columbia, and Stanford, all require their students to take liberal arts courses as they prepare to assume leadership roles in the global economy. Columbia University is famous for its “core curriculum,” a series of small face-to-face seminars where students read and discuss the great works of Western literature and philosophy. In these seminars, students develop critical and creative thinking skills, become discerning citizens of the world, and perhaps most importantly, participate constructively in a long-running conversation on the Big Questions of life—what is called, “the life of the mind.”

But due to the changing nature of the global economy, universities less prestigious than the well-endowed elites increasingly emphasize vocational training over “the life of the mind.” As a consequence, the study of humanities subjects like literature and philosophy, the backbone of a quality liberal arts education, is in terminal decline.

A recent study by the Association of American Colleges and Universities reported that “4 out of 5 employers agree that all students should acquire broad knowledge in the liberal arts.” The study also found that, at peak earnings ages, the salaries of liberal arts majors surpass those of preprofessional majors.

Readerly is an edtech firm that specializes in innovative online curriculum design. The company has ambitious plans to work with high-profile for-profit universities seeking a competitive edge. Readerly helps these colleges, which have traditionally specialized in preprofessional skills training, to incorporate the liberal arts into their online learning environments.

Readerly is introducing a new product into the education market, @MyWesternCanon. @MyWesternCanon is a Twitter feed that features the great literary and philosophical works of the Western tradition. It lets students “follow” these works during their time at college, thus read the great works of Western literature, history, and philosophy. By retweeting or favoriting tweets from the likes of Aristophanes, Jean-Jacque Rousseau, and Mary Wollstonecraft, students are engaging with the great minds of the Western tradition.

“@MyWesternCanon allows students to read the entire Western canon in easily digestible tweets,” says Readerly CEO, Dr. Sean Miller. “So while they bone up on information technology and business management, majors that will guarantee them high-paying careers in today’s fast-paced economy, they’ll be getting a quality liberal arts education as well. It’s a win-win.”

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Readerly is an edtech company that helps people master a body of knowledge quickly. Along with @MyWesternCanon, the company makes Readerly, an app that hones critical reading skills through interactive gameplay.

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